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Arbitration Tracker — 2012

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Player Team Service Player Amt. Team Amt. Midpoint Settled Amt.
Adam Rosales Athletics 2.171 ⇑ $0.600MM
Adam Jones Orioles 4.139 $7.400MM $5.000MM $6.200MM $6.150MM
Alberto Callaspo Angels 4.135 $3.150MM
Alex Gordon Royals 4.092 $5.450MM $4.150MM $4.800MM $4.775MM
Alexi Casilla Twins 4.038 $1.750MM $1.065MM $1.407MM $1.383MM
Alfredo Aceves Red Sox 3.001 $1.600MM $0.950MM $1.275MM $1.200MM
Andre Ethier Dodgers 5.153 $10.950MM
Andres Torres Mets 4.115 $2.700MM
Andrew Bailey Red Sox 3.000 $4.700MM $3.350MM $4.025MM $3.900MM
Andrew Miller Red Sox 3.062 $1.040MM
Angel Pagan Giants 5.144 $4.850MM
Anibal Sanchez † Marlins 5.099 $8.000MM $6.900MM $7.450MM $8.000MM
Asdrubal Cabrera Indians 4.027 $5.200MM $3.750MM $4.475MM $4.550MM
Ben Francisco Blue Jays 4.049 $1.538MM
Bill Bray Reds 4.018 $1.417MM
Blake DeWitt Cubs 3.048 $1.100MM
Boone Logan Yankees 4.140 $2.100MM $1.700MM $1.900MM $1.875MM
Brad Bergesen ‡ Orioles 2.147 ⇑ $1.200MM $0.800MM $1.000MM $0.800MM
Brad Ziegler Diamondbacks 3.122 $1.945MM $1.460MM $1.702MM $1.795MM
Brandon League Mariners 5.145 $5.000MM
Brandon McCarthy Athletics 5.122 $4.275MM
Brandon Morrow Blue Jays 4.091 $4.200MM $3.900MM $4.050MM Extension
Brayan Pena Royals 4.081 $0.875MM
Brett Gardner Yankees 3.072 $3.200MM $2.400MM $2.800MM $2.800MM
Burke Badenhop Rays 3.116 $1.075MM
Carlos Gomez Brewers 4.141 $1.962MM
Carlos Villanueva Blue Jays 5.030 $2.277MM
Carlos Quentin Padres 5.065 $7.025MM
Casey Janssen Blue Jays 5.063 $2.200MM $1.800MM $2.000MM Extension
Casey McGehee Pirates 3.028 $2.725MM $2.350MM $2.538MM $2.538MM
Charlie Morton Pirates 3.010 $2.445MM
Chase Headley Padres 3.123 $3.450MM
Chris Resop Pirates 3.038 $0.850MM
Chris Getz Royals 3.050 $0.968MM
Chris Volstad Cubs 3.076 $2.655MM
Chris Perez Indians 3.136 $4.500MM
Chris Denorfia Padres 4.041 $1.165MM
Clayton Richard Padres 3.070 $3.100MM $2.350MM $2.725MM $2.705MM
Clayton Kershaw Dodgers 3.105 $10.000MM $6.500MM $8.250MM Extension
Colby Rasmus Blue Jays 3.000 $2.700MM
Cole Hamels Phillies 5.143 $15.000MM
Craig Breslow Diamondbacks 4.088 $2.100MM $1.500MM $1.800MM $1.795MM
Dallas Braden Athletics 4.039 $3.350MM
Dana Eveland Orioles 3.008 $0.750MM
Daniel Bard Red Sox 2.148 ⇑ $1.825MM $1.400MM $1.613MM $1.613MM
Daric Barton Athletics 3.057 $1.100MM
Darren O'Day Orioles 3.103 $1.350MM
David Price Rays 2.164 ⇑ $4.350MM
David Ortiz Red Sox 13.048 $16.500MM $12.650MM $14.575MM $14.575MM
David Robertson Yankees 3.070 $1.600MM
David Murphy Rangers 4.087 $3.625MM
Delmon Young Tigers 5.034 $6.750MM
Dexter Fowler Rockies 2.168 ⇑ $2.350MM
Don Kelly Tigers 2.149 ⇑ $0.900MM
Donnie Murphy Marlins 3.075 $0.560MM
Dustin Moseley Padres 4.030 $2.550MM $1.500MM $2.025MM $2.013MM
Dustin McGowan Blue Jays 5.113 $0.600MM
Edinson Volquez Padres 4.059 $2.237MM
Edward Mujica Marlins 4.115 $1.625MM
Elvis Andrus Rangers 3.000 $3.600MM $2.650MM $3.125MM Extension
Emilio Bonifacio † Marlins 3.066 $2.200MM $1.950MM $2.075MM $2.200MM
Emmanuel Burriss Giants 2.152 ⇑ $0.625MM
Eric O'Flaherty Braves 4.062 $2.490MM
Erick Aybar Angels 5.086 $5.075MM
Evan Meek Pirates 3.037 $0.875MM
Felipe Paulino Royals 3.163 $1.900MM
Francisco Liriano Twins 5.104 $5.500MM
Francisco Rodriguez Brewers 8.150 $8.000MM
Franklin Morales Red Sox 3.007 $0.850MM
Garrett Jones ‡ Pirates 2.158 ⇑ $2.500MM $2.250MM $2.375MM $2.250MM
George Kottaras Brewers 2.149 ⇑ $0.700MM
Geovany Soto Cubs 4.096 $4.300MM
Gio Gonzalez Nationals 2.162 ⇑ Extension
Glen Perkins Twins 4.010 $1.550MM
Homer Bailey Reds 3.017 $2.425MM
Howie Kendrick Angels 5.091 Extension
Humberto Quintero Astros 5.141 $1.000MM
Hunter Pence Phillies 4.156 $11.800MM $9.000MM $10.400MM $10.400MM
Ian Stewart Cubs 3.050 $2.237MM
J.A. Happ Astros 3.047 $2.350MM
J.P. Howell Rays 5.007 $1.350MM
Jack Hannahan Indians 3.065 $1.135MM
Jacoby Ellsbury Red Sox 4.037 $8.050MM
Jair Jurrjens Braves 4.047 $5.500MM
James Loney Dodgers 5.012 $6.375MM
Jarrod Saltalamacchia Red Sox 4.043 $2.500MM
Jason Grilli Pirates 5.016 $1.100MM
Jason Motte Cardinals 3.027 $2.400MM $1.500MM $1.950MM $1.950MM
Jason Vargas Mariners 4.114 $4.850MM
Jed Lowrie Astros 3.111 $1.500MM $0.900MM $1.200MM $1.150MM
Jeff Mathis Blue Jays 5.012 $1.500MM
Jeff Niemann ‡ Rays 3.022 $3.200MM $2.750MM $2.975MM $2.750MM
Jeff Baker Cubs 5.049 $1.375MM
Jeff Karstens Pirates 4.132 $3.100MM
Jeremy Guthrie Rockies 5.130 $10.250MM $7.250MM $8.750MM $8.200MM
Jerome Williams Angels 3.049 $0.820MM
Jesse Litsch Blue Jays 4.098 $0.975MM
Jesus Flores Nationals 4.079 $0.815MM
Jim Johnson Orioles 3.165 $2.625MM
Joba Chamberlain Yankees 4.055 $1.675MM
Joe Thatcher Padres 3.068 $0.700MM
Joe Smith Indians 4.091 $1.750MM
Joel Peralta Rays 5.132 $2.175MM
Joel Hanrahan Pirates 4.065 $4.100MM
Joey Devine Athletics 4.069 $0.738MM
John Baker Padres 3.083 $0.750MM
John Lannan ‡ Nationals 4.011 $5.700MM $5.000MM $5.350MM $5.000MM
John Danks White Sox 5.000 Extension
Jonathan Sanchez Royals 5.071 $5.600MM
Jordan Zimmermann Nationals 2.154 ⇑ $2.300MM
Jose Veras ‡ Brewers 4.128 $2.375MM $2.000MM $2.188MM $2.000MM
Jose Arredondo Reds 2.168 ⇑ $0.875MM $0.725MM $0.800MM Extension
Juan Carlos Oviedo Marlins 5.108 $6.000MM
Justin Masterson Indians 3.108 $3.825MM
Kameron Loe Brewers 4.133 $2.175MM
Kelly Johnson Blue Jays 6.127 $6.375MM
Kendrys Morales Angels 4.057 $2.975MM
Kevin Slowey Indians 4.053 $2.750MM
Kyle McClellan Cardinals 4.000 $2.500MM
Kyle Kendrick Phillies 3.159 $3.585MM
Landon Powell Athletics 2.153 ⇑ $0.620MM
Luke Gregerson Padres 3.000 $1.550MM
Luke Hochevar Royals 3.151 $3.510MM
Manny Parra Brewers 4.063 $1.200MM
Manny Acosta Mets 3.066 $0.875MM
Mark Lowe Rangers 5.087 $1.700MM
Martin Prado Braves 4.105 $4.750MM
Matt Kemp Dodgers 5.049 Extension
Matt Albers Red Sox 4.141 $1.075MM
Matt Harrison Rangers 3.083 $3.500MM $2.450MM $2.975MM $2.950MM
Matt Garza Cubs 4.149 $12.500MM $7.950MM $10.225MM $9.500MM
Max Scherzer Tigers 3.079 $3.750MM
Melky Cabrera Giants 5.148 $6.000MM
Melvin Upton, Jr. Rays 5.126 $7.000MM
Michael Bourn Braves 5.028 $6.845MM
Miguel Montero Diamondbacks 5.031 $6.800MM $5.400MM $6.100MM $5.900MM
Mike Adams Rangers 5.019 $4.400MM
Mike Napoli Rangers 5.151 $11.500MM $8.300MM $9.900MM $9.400MM
Mike Pelfrey Mets 4.122 $5.675MM
Mike Fontenot Giants 4.139 $1.050MM
Mike Morse Nationals 4.114 $5.000MM $3.500MM $4.250MM Extension
Mike Aviles Red Sox 3.091 $1.200MM
Mitch Maier Royals 3.071 $0.865MM
Nate Schierholtz Giants 3.078 $1.300MM
Nelson Cruz Rangers 4.082 $7.500MM $5.500MM $6.500MM Extension
Nick Masset Reds 4.146 $2.900MM $2.100MM $2.500MM Extension
Nick Hundley Padres 3.088 $2.000MM
Nyjer Morgan Brewers 3.120 $2.350MM
Pablo Sandoval Giants 3.047 $4.250MM $3.000MM $3.625MM Extension
Paul Janish Reds 3.064 Unknown
Phil Coke Tigers 3.028 $1.100MM
Phil Hughes Yankees 4.113 $3.200MM
Rafael Perez Indians 4.157 $2.400MM $1.600MM $2.000MM $2.005MM
Ramon Ramirez Mets 5.113 $2.650MM
Randy Wells Cubs 3.016 $2.705MM
Rick Porcello Tigers 2.170 ⇑ $3.100MM
Robert Andino Orioles 3.094 $1.600MM $1.000MM $1.300MM $1.300MM
Russell Martin Yankees 5.150 $8.200MM $7.000MM $7.600MM $7.500MM
Ryan Sweeney Red Sox 4.053 $1.750MM
Ryan Roberts Diamondbacks 2.150 ⇑ $2.275MM $1.650MM $1.962MM $2.013MM
Ryan Vogelsong Giants 5.020 Extension
Santiago Casilla Giants 4.148 $2.200MM
Sergio Romo Giants 3.097 $1.750MM $1.300MM $1.525MM $1.575MM
Seth Smith Rockies 3.119 $2.415MM
Shaun Marcum Brewers 5.128 $8.700MM $6.750MM $7.725MM $7.725MM
Shawn Kelley Mariners 2.160 ⇑ $0.600MM
Shin-Soo Choo Indians 4.119 $4.900MM
Skip Schumaker Cardinals 5.051 Extension
Tim Stauffer Padres 4.007 $3.200MM
Tim Lincecum Giants 4.148 $21.500MM $17.000MM $19.250MM Extension
Tom Gorzelanny Nationals 4.160 $3.000MM
Tony Gwynn Dodgers 4.044 Extension
Tyler Clippard Nationals 2.148 ⇑ $1.650MM
Will Venable Padres 2.155 ⇑ $1.475MM
Wilson Valdez Reds 3.096 $0.930MM


Indicates that an arbitration hearing was held and the player won the hearing.
Indicates that an arbitration hearing was held and the team won the hearing.
Indicates that the player is super two eligible.